Our Families

My Mom & Dad visiting Russia
Our house growing up was the messiest anyone had ever seen in their life! My parents were pretty eccentric. We had a dog, cats, kittens, several ducks, chickens and rabbits, all running around freely without cages in a Brooklyn brownstone. We rented out rooms to tenants upstairs. My parents seemed to love eccentric people and especially loved if they came from another country. To say the least, every day growing up was an adventure.  My wacky childhood has inspired me to create a one woman show that some found so hilarious that they came back again and again. I've also written a screenplay about it all.

My parents were always creating fun things for us to do.  There was never a dull moment. I consider myself blessed to have such unusual,  imaginative and loving parents. 
Me as a baby with my parents
My Dad
Nicholas was a high school language teacher.
He spoke 6 languages; Russian, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese and English.
His parents were from France and Russia. We grew up listening to music from all around the world. Nick also loved film. He'd often shoot little movies with all of us. That's him above, holding a movie camera on our trip to Russia. His great grandfather was a world famous violinist and composer. He played for the King of Belgium, The Czar of Russia and at the White House.

My Mom
Julia is from Russia. She ran a family daycare in Brooklyn for over 25 years. She got her masters in early childhood education.

My mom taught me to question things and never to blindly follow. She taught me to cherish every living thing. She is my inspiration.

My Brothers Andy, Ivan and I are still close all these years.

There wasn't a day that went by where we weren't doubled over in laughter!

Ivan is now a music producer, a musician and a radio DJ. 

Being a dad is his greatest joy.
Ivan, our niece, Azalea,  nephew, Mason, sister in law, Stephanie
Our nieces, Audrey & Azalea

Our nieces, Azalea & Audrey
We love to visit them up in Oregon.

Brent's brother, Brad, their Dad, Bill, our nephews, Henry & Elliott
My Dad Bill was a composer of Christian music. He served in the military. He was a strong, opinionated man who knew how to have a 
good laugh.

His dad was a coal miner and our ancestry is from Ireland.

My Brother Brad is in commercial real estate. We're good friends as well as brothers. 

My Mom Linda lives on the beach in Destin,
Florida where we all gather for Thanksgiving.
With our nephews, Elliott & Henry
We often visit Brad and Clare's family in the summers at their lake house in Georgia.

With our sister in law, Clare, my brother Brad & little Elliott

Here we are on a ski trip in Utah.

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