Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our dear friends, 
Al & Mary Beth are hoping to adopt a baby. Please visit their website:

Brent & Cathryn holding Kylie for the first time

Here's our old website:

Hi! We're Cathryn and Brent and we want with all our hearts to raise a child and support them in growing into the person they're meant to be. 

We have so much love to give and would treasure your child unconditionally.
We admire your courage and we are humbled that you may be considering us.
  We're unable to conceive on our own. We feel adopting is a beautiful way to start a family. 
You can rest assured that the first mother of our child will be regarded with the utmost respect in our home. We're hoping for an open adoption which can be anything from sharing emails to family visits, but we're okay with a closed adoption if that's more comfortable for you.
We're Life Scanned and Home Study Approved.

Here's a glimpse of who we are: 
We want to share the beauty and wonder of this earth with a child.

 We love nature and the outdoors. We feel a deep connection with the universe when we're in nature. It rejuvenates us and reminds us we're part of something bigger.
We can't wait to take our child on adventures, learning about the miracles created all around us.
Camping in Yosemite

We love rollerskating
We support each other through thick and thin. We've been committed artists for many years in an industry filled with challenges as well as joys.  We've learned how to navigate and not get swayed by the waves of prosperity and decline.

This is something we want to teach our child; how to build a solid self that isn't dependent on externals. It's taken time, but we're in a place in our lives where we think we've finally gotten it. And this contributes to our feeling prepared to raise a child.

We're committed to making this world a better place.

We volunteer together.
We're part of a peace organization where we support people to feel empowered by empowering another. There's nothing like watching someone blossom.

 We met in an acting class in 1997.
We've had a wonderful, loving, fun, committed relationship ever since.

We got married in 2004.

 We're such opposites. I'm, (Cathryn), more of a go getter, tell it like it is, speak up and fight for what's right, kind of person. And I'm from New York.

Brent is more laid back, it will all work out, enjoy the moment, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything, type of guy. And he's from Kentucky.

On our first date he opened every door for me and I thought, "What's wrong with this guy?" I just wasn't used to such kindness. In New York you push your way through before the door slams on you. ;-)

He calms my soul and he says I've brought sunshine into his life. I know it's corny. We are kind of corny. 

Dancing like goofballs

We make a conscious effort to appreciate each other.

Yeah, sometimes it's an effort but it's so worth it.

 When we have differences we talk them out.
We each have the goal to find a middle ground instead of being the one who's right.

On the beach in Malibu

Things We Can't Wait 
To Do With Our Child:
Read bedtime stories, Sing goofy songs while driving around town, Watch how lizards do push ups, Plant seeds and watch them grow into vegetables and eat them, Build elaborate castles out of blocks, Play dress up and pretend we're royalty, Lay on the grass and watch the clouds, Create collages out of things we find in nature...

With our niece, Azalea in Oregon

Ideas On Parenting
We're not parents yet and how we parent will of course depend on the unique personality and needs of the child but here's what we envision:

We will raise her to be a person who speaks up for what's right, is creative and thinks outside the box, empathizes with others, finds strength in the face of any difficulty life throws her way. 

We will keep him close to us, physically and emotionally, providing love and support so he can expand into the person he is meant to be. 
We will be directly involved in her education, ensuring that what she learns is enriching and empowering.
Based on our love and respect for each other, our child will learn to love and respect herself. 
With our nephews, Henry and Elliot
We will encourage him to think for himself. To be inquisitive about life.
To learn to hear her inner wisdom so she can make choices in life that create happiness for herself and others.

We will teach him to appreciate other cultures, preparing him to be the type of person who can relate to all kinds of people in this constantly changing world.

In our family your child will be nurtured with love, laughter, creativity and joy!
Hanging out with our niece, Audrey

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Our adoption attorney:
Jan Rochelle Chamerat
jrochellelaw@aol.com 1-800-960-2404


  1. The two of you would make such wonderful parents! You are both selfless, loving, supportive, fun, and full of life! I love you both and wish you the best with your future family! Love,Sheila.

  2. I read through your website and it made me want to be a part of your family!!!
    When I first heard you were looking to adopt I was so happy. I was ecstatic to think of the lucky child who would land in your arms and grow in your home, amidst the light that you emit as individuals and a couple. And you can not even imagine the joy that your child will bring to you. It's miraculous! Congratulations! xo Jody

  3. Every child deserves a home as loving as yours! We can't wait to witness your beautiful family grow! XOXO, Mary Beth

  4. You two have been opening your home and your hearts to others for so many years...I know so many people who have been touched by your compassion, generosity and kindness (myself included!) It seems only natural to welcome a child into your lives. May the joy you've given so many others be returned to you in spades!
    Love, Kate VanD

  5. Cathryn & Brent - what you see is what you get!

    We love you both - you are Super-Real and
    Down-to-Earth! Rock-Solid! Any child would be amazingly fortunate to have you as parents! Wow! Big Wow! You have the most Beautiful Hearts!

    Christine Fisher and Kile Fisher

  6. Patricia Cregan NavarraNovember 16, 2010 at 8:19 PM

    You are the personification of Spring, all love and hope and optimism. Can't wait until your lucky baby finds their way to you. God bless. xoxo

  7. I am so excited for you both! A child is such a precious gift. You two are so amazing together and you deserve to be parents to a child who needs your love. Your baby will be so blessed to have you as parents. I will keep you in my prayers. xoxo

  8. I became so filled with happiness just looking at your site here and thinking about how amazing it would be to be raised by the two of you. You both are two of the most generous, kind, loving and supportive people I have ever know. I wish you all the best in your search and I know you will create a joyous family who believes, cherishes, loves and supports one another. I can't wait to watch your journey unfold.

  9. I couldn't think of two people more fit to be parents than Cathryn & Brent. They are just naturals at it, caring, supportive, always full of advice and kindness for those around them. Besides they are a really cool couple too! I'm sure they are going to provide a wonderful upbringing, full of love to a very special child.

  10. Hi Cathryn and Brent,

    My roommate and I saw your ad on facebook. We think that this is such a great idea and we wanted to see if there are any recent updates?

    We will be praying for y'all!

    Hope to hear back with good news!

    - Allie & Ilianna

  11. I wish you guys the best of luck :) you guys sound like you will be amazing parents!! Good Luck!!!!!!

  12. After Reading all this I wish I was a baby in need of a family. :)
    You guys sound like you are going to be wonderful parents. The child that gets placed with y'all is going to be one lucky little one. I wish I could have grown up in a loving family, instead of listening to my parents arguing for the past 17 years of my life.
    Good luck! Y'all are in my prayers.

  13. You guys are so awesome! Thank you for all your support and prayers!

    Sukishiramu, I can't say we never argue, just that when we do we resolve it and get to a stronger place. Knowing each other for so long and having the intention of both of us succeeding sure helps. I'm sorry your parents argued so much. Mine did too. I resolved not to grow up doing that. We also have tools and friends to help us. We reach out and get support when we need it.

    Allie, no baby yet. We had a couple of possibilities - one mom decided to raise her child. Another looks like she might too.

    We know our little one meant to be with us is on the way! xxoo - Cathryn

  14. Sweetnesses,

    I love your new music. I sang the Beatles' "I Will" and the entire soundtrack of "The Sound of Music" every night when our girls were little. It's so easy to imagine you singing to your own angel. I just know it is very soon. Lucky angel, to have found you two.

    Patricia Cregan Navarra

  15. I am So glad I clicked on this link and regret that I didn't do it beforehand. Fact is... I have 2 children and a career and it is a challenge, but a joy. One in which I KNOW you will handle all too well. Anyone who reads this should know by now that Brent & Cathryn will Love and Raise your child with kindness, happiness & joy. I have known Cathryn for almost 20 yrs & Brent for a decade + and watched how they have blossomed as will your child. You would be hard pressed to find two more loving, joyful & capable people to allow your child to fully experience life. May this happen all too soon.

  16. The child who is lucky to be adopted by you will have truly won the lottery!

  17. Hello,
    I am a friend of Ihouma. I am also going through the challenging process of adoption through foster care. It has been a hard process, but it is worth it. Stick to it, and I hope you find a baby to call your own.

  18. Cathryn and Brent-This website was so perfect it brought tears of joy to my heart and eyes....I wish for you that the perfect time would hurry up and be here now! You are such amazing people and exude joy and love---the main ingredients in parenting. Creativity, laughter and imagination completes the entire picture! I send you positivity and light daily that shines upon the journey's path , which leads into your waiting arms....any day now...Love you Cathryn!

  19. You both seem like you would make good parents!I dont know you but I will keep you in my prayers!

  20. Cathryn and Brent are truly some inspiring, loving and wonderful people. They would make amazing parents. They are an intelligent, artistic, creative, strong, positive, wholesome couple who give love to all their friends and family and would raise an amazing child. I wish they could adopt me but I think they want someone younger than 30. You guys are amazing. XO

  21. Good luck! You and your child will have so much love! I am excited for you and will pass this on!

  22. The child that becomes a part of your family will have such a bright future! I am promoting your blog on my facebook!

  23. You two are so deserving of a child and I have no doubt a wonderful baby will come your way! You are loving and outgoing and any child would be lucky to have your for parents! It will be an amazing trio!! Can't wait to meet your new addition in the very near future!! lots of love and baby giggles to you!

  24. one day you will hold your baby and all will be right with the world! i am a friend of leila's, and i, too, adopted. being 'pregnant on paper' is a fabulous journey... bumpy at times, but well worth it. enjoy the process and wishing you both a happy ending. congrats and god bless.

  25. Hi you guys. Thank you for all your wonderful comments! Sorry it takes a while sometimes for me to post them. Blogger doesn't notify me when I get a comment. If you'd like a quick response email me at cathrynbrent@gmail.com
    xoxoxoxo - Cathryn

  26. Hello, I don't know you, have never met either of you, but came upon your blog while just surfing through different ads on the internet looking for nothing specific. I've never left a note for someone I've never met, but as a father of two girls and now a recent grandpa, I felt compelled to say what you already know. You really seem to have it all together. The commitment between the two of you is evident in every smiling photograph, as well as in your words. There's a baby out there and it's coming your way. May not be today or tomorrow, but it's comming and it's going to be one lucky little son of a gun. So refreshing to see two individuals contributing in such a positive way to society and so anxious to pass that positive outlook, in word and deed, onto others. We need a lot more of your type in this world. Good luck to you and I hope you have a wonderful life with a beautiful child. They are a lot of work and certainly not cheap (my youngest starts UCLA Law school in two weeks), but there is no greater joy than seeing the simi-finished product excitedly go off into the world to make a positive contribution. In the end, it's all about family and love and kindness. Best of luck to you both.

    J. Morgan, Riverside, CA

  27. You two make a beautiful couple. Seriously. Then reading about you, man. I truly believe that God would not put such strong desires in our heart to deny us those. So, with that said, your child(ren) will be in your arms one day. Then all this time will be SO worth it. Please if you have a blog (besides this) please let us know. Would love to follow along when you meet your sweet blessing. You put a smile on my face. Thank you.

  28. This really touched me, I will promote your blog and would love to know of any updates! I wish you the very best!

  29. SO happy for you all!!! Enjoy your sweet little miracle, I know you will/are. :O)

    Are you or do you have a new blog since you have adopted? If you do and would like to share please let us know.

    Many blessings!!!